We know how to scrubbing the greasy oven.

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Cheap Deep Cleaning LTD  give your oven a new life. We using steam cleaner machine and only safe  environmentally friendly cleaning products. With our own unique specialized cleaning process young will be looking new again! We have British Oven Sertificate Avard Coure. We know how to clean oven.


We clean:

Standard Oven

Double Oven

Full Aga Clean (Mid Size)

Halogen Glass Hob Clean

Gas/Electric Hob




Our standart oven cleaning includes:

1. Degrease the interior of the oven.

2. Remove bulit-up carbon deposits on ceramic cooktops.

3. Clean between the glass panels ( on certain models)

4. Wipe down and degrease the exterior.

5. Soak the grates in our heated bath tank.

6. Apply a stainless steel cleaner and polish.